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About Me

Simply put, what I offer is a strong, natural desire and ability to conceive and create things. The “thing” may be a physical object or it may be a solution to a problem, a manufacturing plan, some artwork or a new cooking recipe, it doesnt matter. I also seek the satisfaction of helping others. I crave knowledge and new experiences, I’m afflicted by non- stop curiosity and mental wanderlust, I’m always interested in new projects and pursuits, with a slant towards the technical. It started early. In the late 1970’s I was writing my own software programs after school, on some of the earliest PC’s available. By the late 1980’s I was designing quite complex circuits in early versions of AutoCAD. It’s never really let up. My attention to detail has been called extraordinary and uncanny by others. My measured IQ is in the mid-130’s. These natural attributes contribute to my ability to observe, conceive, and apply ideas to rapidly solve problems. I work well under pressure, bringing the confidence and experience gained during four decades of very high profile, mission-critical projects. Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements preclude specifics, but some examples include battlefield communications, military vehicle controls, airborne antennas and instrumentation, medical devices, international television race events (on-board vehicle camera systems), on-stage music concert equipment for well-known acts and high-reliability, automotive controls and safety electronics. For one reason or another, I may not accept or pursue every interesting challenge or request. In these cases I will still try to assist by providing a referral, advice or suggestions. Take a quick look around and if you think that I may be able to help you with something, please let me know.
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