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Solitude, wildlife, foraging for wild edibles and woodsmanship are the quiet counterbalance to my fast-paced technical work. I’ve spent my entire life learning about and experiencing all that I can in the woods, on and under the water, as often as time has allowed, from the sub-tropics to the sub-arctic. Everything changes with latitude, my primary experience is centered around the 45th parallel in the state of Michigan, USA. I enjoy applying my experience to help others resolve wildlife conflicts. Some typical projects include beavers flooding roads and homes, coyotes killing young lambs, raccoons damaging corn and fruit crops, fox and weasels killing domestic poultry, eliminating conflicts with domestic pets (attacks and disease vectors) and general predator population control. I have been permitted by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to operate year round, for over 10 years (under Wildlife Damage and Nuisance Control permit # RC1170). My services include performing surveys and assessment reports, develop action plans, offer quotations, remove/relocate target animals, propose and implement site remediation and improvement strategies, install deterrent and exclusion systems where appropriate. Past and current customers include individual landowners of all sizes, sportsmans clubs, golf courses, commercial farmers and fruit growers, commercial livestock producers, biological research groups and county road commissions. Here are some examples of outdoor-services customer feedback that I’ve received… You have been a huge blessing to the [organization] and to me. We have benefited from your expertise immeasurably. -Large Conservation Association Thank you again from all of us for a job well done during tough summer conditions. You are a true professional and we are grateful and fortunate to be working with you. -Flooded property land owner Bill is a very knowledgeable trapper, and seems to work well with property owners for nuisance related problems. -Michigan Conservation Officer Bill Parlin put me in touch with the right people at the DNR to pull a nuisance permit, and then he took it from there. Next morning, we had the beavers! If any of you have nuisance problems with other critters, Bill can handle it. -Homeowners Association President I just want to thank you for everything that you are doing on dad's property. Hopefully all your hard work pays off with more game animals returning to the property. Your work is greatly appreciated. -Land owner Bill is amazing and the most organized individual I have ever come across. It is easy to see why those coyotes just don't have a chance in hell. -Land owner Good going Bill! Thats really good trapping when one can arrive at an unfamiliar location and start connecting right away. Your common sense and attention to detail are top of the line. -Land owner Just wanted to let you all know that this guy is one of the best trappers I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. -National Wildlife Conservation Group Director, Author I pride myself as a good woodsman but you have made me realize how little I actually know. -Land owner