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Here are some examples of technical-services feedback that I’ve received from customers…
That's why I send my business to you Bill. I appreciate your support on this and having our back. -SMT Process Engineer I’m constantly putting you through the wringer, and you always roll with the punches. You are a great vendor to do business with. Thanks Again for your support!!! -Product Development Engineer Bill, just an outstanding and amazing job on your and your companies part. I appreciate it very much that this went off without a hitch even though I was late in many regards. -Electrical engineer Thanks as always for the thorough review. Customer service is almost dead these days, nice to see some folks still understand. -Engineering Director, ECM Just for your information I buy 99% of my PCB's from you. We have tried others and keep coming back to the best. -Senior Electrical Engineer, nearing retirement By far you are one of the best suppliers that I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with. -Buyer, military electronics Thanks, Bill. I just got the boards in my hands this morning and they look great! Sorry for all the snag-ups on my part during the process. You guys did great work! -Cockpit Electronics Engineer If we lived closer, I’d definitely buy you a beer for your help. I’m sure I owe you one for all of the times you’ve assisted me over the years. -Plant Engineer, global electronics manufacturer I believe I've done it several times, but let me say again that I have really appreciated both your efforts and your professional competence throughout this process. -Senior electrical engineer We appreciate your efforts and the support you give us [crash test dummy mfr] with your products and services. -Design Engineer I dont trust anyone else with this board. -Purchasing / Program Manager Bill, This is nothing important. I just want to tell you how pleasant and satisfying it is talking and working with you. You really know how to be objective and accurate. -Manufacturing Engineer Thanks for your help! If we were big enough to do it, you would be our supplier of the year 10 years running now. -President, wiring harness manufacturer I want to do anything to make our business with you better, we like the jobs you do for us. -Buyer, Fortune-100 company Bill, I can't tell you how much I appreciate that build report. This saved me a lot of waiting time as I was going to have our lab cut one of the spares. Many thanks. -Technical Expert, global automotive electronics Aweseome Bill...you're terrific...thanks so much for your help on this! Have a blessed weekend coming up and thank you so much again, please thank your team for me too! :) -Program Manager Thanks, Bill, for your attention to detail - much appreciated as always. -President, audio processing equipment mfr. Bill, I have been very impressed with your company's design and manufacturing service. As our General Manager, I have control over what suppliers we use. Based on your performance thus far, I will be happy to give you all of our new business. -General Manager, aircraft instrument panel manufacturer You're the BEST!!! Thanks. -Senior Project Coordinator, near his retirement I don't want anyone but you working with me. -Purchasing Agent, global automotive electronics You do good work. We put your boards thru a harsh testing routine and they are passing with flying colors. My plan is to switch over from another board we have been using and use this one. I will be ordering more in the near future. -PCB design/fab customer Thanks again Bill for the strong support. I genuinely appreciate it. -Engineering Mgr, global automotive electronics You are awesome Bill. You have to be the best supplier we have ever had! -President, contract manufacturer You had an excellent quarter with a score of 100/100, once again. We appreciate your efforts. -Supplier Quality Analyst You are the best Bill! Thank you! -Purchasing Manager You have been a great supplier and I have learned a lot from you. You are awesome Bill! -Purchasing Mgr, announcing retirement Bill you are the MAN!!! I'll be placing more orders (4400 each) later today. -Buyer, contract manufacturer Thanks Bill, I’m glad these PCB’s are with you. I appreciate you being upfront and realistic with the turnaround time. - Commodity Buyer You've always been a pleasure to work with and I always look forward to our next project. I usually learn a new trick or two on your jobs as they're sometimes quite a challenge. Thanks again Bill. -Contract Engineer Thank you again for this effort. Great work! -PCB design customer I highly appreciate the accommodation to support the order, Bill. Sorry I had to go and screw up your schedule. You guys rock! -Automotive body control electronics engineer Bill, you're the type of guy that tries to do everything he can do for the customer whenever an opportunity presents itself. Thanks! -Sourcing Analyst, ECM Thank you very much for your hand holding and followup to support our special needs. You ROCK! -Electrical Engineer Thank you for your strong effort over the break. It is much appreciated. -Engineer (working during Christmas holiday) Just got the boards in, very impressed with the response and overall speed. -Circuit board manufacturing customer Bill, thank you again for you and your teams' strong dedication to getting this project done. It is always a pleasure to work with you. -Electrical engineer [Company President] and I were talking the other day, and I really think a huge item you bring to the table is your service - you're always on top of things, and always there for technical assistance, there's a LOT to be said for that. -Engineering Manager Hi Bill, just a piece of information to you. The Project Manager of this program was/is very pleased with the way you handled his build. The correspondence was great. Thank you again. -Senior Buyer, global automotive Bill, Just wanted to let you know that within the last 2 weeks or so we have been building your design and it works excellently. Thank you for all of your help and support. -PCB layout and fabrication customer Bill you are a pleasure to communicate with. You talk, listen and explain moreso than most people. -Product engineer Thank you for excellent follow up and attention to details on this project. -Project Manager Bill….you’re awesome. Thanks! And I think I’ve told you…if it were up to me…you guys would build all of our boards! -Assembly Process Engineer Bill, I can't thank you enough for your strong support with the last PCB Build. Especially for dealing with the last second change. We have another revision of your board coming through for EMC countermeasures. -Automotive electronics engineer Too bad you can’t build all our products. :) -Buyer, global electronics manufacturer Bill, Thank you for the usual prompt actions and follow through. -Senior Manager, Engineering I appreciate your long-term assistance - ever since my visit to you circa 1992 for some prototype boards! -Chief Engineer, consumer electronics manufacturer Thanks Bill! You guys are awesome! -Engineer Again, thank you for the quick reply. You just beat out your competition due to their slow response. -Project Manager, oil field equipment manufacturer Thank you Bill, you are always a pleasure to work with. -Purchasing Agent Thanks again, Bill! I wanted to say how much I appreciate all your time and efforts, that’s why all of our future production orders will be headed your way! -CEO, A/V equipment manufacturer Bill- The quote looks good, and the service level looks even better. THANKS! -Industrial equipment manufacturer I know you put a lot of work into meeting our deadlines and I'm thankful for your and your team's hard work. Keep up the excellent customer support! -Electrical Engineer Let me say that I have full respect for you regarding quality, technology, professionalism and punctuality. -Research & Development Manager Bill, I would also like to thank you for your quick response to our request. I just wish you were providing our production boards. -Hardware Engineer, powersports engine controls You're awesome! Way to have my back!! Thanks! -Process Engineer Bill you are awesome. Is there someone besides yourself I could tell? -Buyer, Fortune-100 company Bill, You are one of the best suppliers we have. Thank you! - Contract Manufacturer If it were up to me, I'd send everything your way! Your analysis seems "spot on" to me. If it's okay with you, I'm going to share your design suggestions with our Customer. Thanks a TON for your help! -Project Manager I really appreciate your help on this! Yet another example of the Value Added Service you provide. -Process Engineer Thanks Bill, always appreciate your quick response, keeps our designs moving right along. -Electrical Engineer I really appreciate your attention to detail. Thanks again. -Engineer, prison / detention systems manufacturer Youre done already? I knew I liked working with you for a reason! This is the reason youre number one on my list! Thank you!!! -Project Coordinator Bill, Since you are the absolute most knowledgeable PCB Fab guy I know, could I PLEASE bounce a quick question off of you??Thanks in advance oh-so-smart PCB Fab Guru Guy!! -Process Engineer Bill, I will let you do your job, because you do it really well!! Thanks! -Materials Manager, electronics manufacturer Thanks Bill. You work too hard, I mentioned I did not need it until Tuesday AM, but certainly appreciate the extraordinary effort!!! -Engineer, Fortune-500 manufacturer Dang... your still fast with the design reviews and quotes! Like your just sitting there waiting for me! Thanks again... always a pleasure dealing with you. -Electrical Engineer I really enjoy working with you. With your knowledge and know-how, we are able to take on more challenging designs which require new methods. Your ethics and honesty are very much appreciated. -President, ECM service Bill, thanks again for all your help in making this project successful. I look forward to working with you on future products. -Product Development Engineer Oh, you're good! Thanks for being that way! -Contract Manufacturer Bill, your replies have been very helpful and have thoroughly answered my questions, thanks. -Project Leader Thanks once again for the hard work. I appreciate it and am happy doing business with you. -Electronics hobbyist I was impressed with all the options you offered and what was avail to keep cost down but quality high. You served us well. -Manufacturing Engineer Bill: WOW! That was fast. I don't know how old you are or how long you have been in the business but I can assure you that with this kind of service you WILL be given preference. -Engineering Manager Hi Bill. I appreciate the question. Your attention to detail has saved me on more then one occasion. Thanks! -Assembly Process Engineer Bill, Just wanted to say thanks again for all that you do for us. We received the LR167 boards yesterday and everything looks great. Your split layout is perfect for what we are doing and the quality is great. -Electronic design and fabrication customer You are getting way to good at knowing what I need before I know I need it....THANK YOU!! -Project Coordinator Bill. We are grateful for your doing this, and of course, it shows you and your company's character in conducting business. Thus, your company will be first on my list in manufacturing prototypes for us. -Engineer, automotive instrument clusters Thanks, Bill - I'll make some mods. Exactly the sort of feedback that makes it so great working with you! -Engineer As always; YOU ARE AWSOME!!!! This is really good news !!!! Today has been a GOOD DAY :) -Program Manager Bill, That's what I like most about working with you. You always know it's about cost and the rest you are able to figure out. Thanks again, this is why I changed to your company. -President, consumer electronics manufacturer Bill- you have the job, even if you don't meet their price, I know your price is worth it. I really like the conversations that we have had recently, and based on those conversations I trust you with this. -Project Manager You always excel in the service department -- thanks. -Engineer Your support is excellent and I look forward to this and other business down the road. -Engineering Manager Thank you very much for the great work on the PWBs. They turned out great. -Graduate Research Assistant Wow. Impressive quality on those boards. Thank you very much! -Engineering Manager, audio equipment manuacturer Just got the boards today and they look fantastic!! Thanks again for the great work!! -University Researcher I wanted to say again how much I have been impressed with the quality and service you have provided us. -Engineer Bill, I got to see the circuit boards today. Both I and the contract assembly house were very happy with their quality. Please pass this on to your crew and thank them for the unbelievable turn around time that they did for us. -Engineer You folks are the greatest! -Automotive PCB Designer We got the boards today and I cant tell you how impressed I am with them! They look fantastic!!! I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks and that I look forward to doing business with you again!!! -Product Development Engineer