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Inventing / Design

I am wired to generate concepts and designs to satisfy needs. I see new and better ways to do things, when I shouldnt even be thinking about it. Hyper-creativity is very distracting, actually. When I need something that doesnt exist, or is unavailable, I’ll simply build it. I’m sure many people are like this, but what may set me apart is that I am not limited to only a few disciplines or fields of interest. In a perfect world I would not have to waste time eating and sleeping, and I would be free to fully refine and release my creations. I normally must stop as soon as the immediate need has been met, returning back to more pressing matters. However, I have worked beyond that point at times, licensing and outright selling some of my processing equipment designs. I am also the named inventor and owner of two US Patents, which are electronics related. I have others pending. Should you have a product development team that is in search of new projects, or you are simply looking for someone new to brainstorm with, I welcome you to contact me about it.
Parlin Engineering