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Following are some various examples of my technical experience: Printed circuit board manufacturing principles and practices, front to back. Manual and automated assembly of surface mount and through-hole components. Evaluate printed circuit board designs and specifications for manufacturability. Generate and deliver manufacturing cost quotations, manage production orders. Daily direct customer, supplier and contractor interactions. Manufacturing facility design, construction, operation and management. Human resources activity- recruit, train, hire and terminate. PCB artwork scanning and conversion to Gerber CAD and Excellon CNC data. Reverse engineering, printed circuit board design from schematics and BOM’s. CAD/CAM operations in mechanical and electronic fields, data extraction and translation. Provide as-needed, contract services to small companies without an Engineering Dept. Direct collaboration with numerous global automotive electronics manufacturers. Assisting customers in reducing product costs while improving quality and reliability. Responsible for US Gov’t SAM registration and Department of Defense (CAGE) setup. Military contractor- manufacturing for US Army TACOM, SPAWAR, US Navy and others. Turnkey project management (start with a concept, deliver the finished product). Authoring of formal business, procedure and specification documents. Basic digital and analog circuit design, microprocessors and firmware development. Named inventor and owner of two US utility patents (electronic), other patent apps pending. 3D CAD design and CNC machining, prototype modeling, 3D printing. PC-interfaced data aquisition, robotics, motor control and sensing. Hand code basic software programs, utilize compilers and spreadsheet utilities. Webserver and website setup, management and administration. General chemical lab experience in sampling, titration, specific gravity, pH, ORP, etc. Development and implementation of waste minimization projects. Metal finishing technologies and practices, including electroless and electrolytic plating, etching. Close-tolerance screen printing techniques and materials, capable of imaging .005" features. Ultraviolet (UV), thermal-cure (IR), conductive, resistive and dielectric polymer coatings. Polymer thick film (PTF) resistor and potentiometer design, materials and manufacturing. Quality Control (QC) and Statistical Process Control (SPC) principles and practices. Local, state and federal regulatory agency compliance programs, inspections and reporting. Closed-loop wastewater treatment system design, utilizing ion-exchange/electrolytic recovery. Electronic and mechanical troubleshooting and repair. Field repairs, maintenance, and retro-fitting experience (advanced MacGyvering). Pumping system design including diaphragm, centrifugal, peristaltic and bellows-type pumps. Design and build process control and automation equipment to improve quality and efficiency.
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