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Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

Driven by relentless pressure to miniaturize scale and increase speed, the electronics industry evolves quicker than any other. As new technologies are developed, processing requirements and challenges rise accordingly, the state-of-the-art is always advancing. I’ve worked full-time in the printed circuit board manufacturing industry for 40 years. My core competency is manufacturing but I’m equally comfortable with design and assembly projects. From a foggy design concept to taping the box and shipping it as a finished product, I’ve done every step. Though I no longer work in a manufacturing plant, this broad experience allows me to manage the projects, consistently meeting and surpassing customer expectations while navigating around potential problems with a protective, watchdog attitude. Having said this, I do want to acknowledge the hundreds of co-workers, colleagues and associates that I have, and continue to work with. These skilled people deserve the most credit and glory for all jobs completed successfully. Without them, the best designs, plans and specifications are meaningless. Please let me know if I may be of service to you. If I’m unable to help you personally I will try to connect you with someone who can.
Parlin Engineering